About Us & Our Process

Technically speaking, Turbo Liner is a Hot Spray Polyurea coating that uses high pressure heated equipment for its application. Sprayed Turbo Liner comes through the equipment at 160-165 F with a spray pressure of 2200psi. The heating of the material speeds up the application process. As Turbo Liner is being sprayed, it takes 6-8 seconds to set up and is ready to use for normal use in just 6 hours. Cold spray polyurethanes are usually sprayed cold through a drywall hopper or mixing tube style gun. A cold spray can take up to 6 hours to complete the application process and is not ready for use for 24 to 48 hours, some take even longer. The typical Turbo Liner bedliner application takes just over 1 hour, which means that you won’t have your truck tied up for hours. Turbo Liner uses the latest technology to give you good color stability and a clean factory like finish. We are pleased to give our customers the very best quality at an exceptional price.

Just remember, A Hot Spray Is The Only Way!

What Sets Us Apart